Every great journey starts with a dream. You dream about the destination, the obstacles and the rustic pathways. A dream that only you can fulfill. Our planet is this one giant orb of possibilities. Make it happen for yourself.

We share everything on this planet – the air, the land, the water and more than anything else, our experiences. We, at Everest Inn would love to share our wealth of experience and the knowledge we have of the great Himalayas. Our team consists of people from different backgrounds, cultures and skillsets. We all have one thing in common though, our love for the mountains. We help and serve travelers from around the world in their quest to witness Mount Everest and other Himalayan giants along the way. Our team of explorers have carefully set up lodges all around Khumbu with breathtaking views, starting right at the Lukla airport which is considered as the ‘Gateway to the Everest region.’

Our staff are well trained and equipped to suggest and serve you with the required food and rest. Our managers have been preparing for this Autumn for the past many months, to ensure you have a great time indoors to build the momentum for your journey outdoors. Our managers have traveled to remote villages around Nepal to train and subsequently hire ambitious and kind people for our Inns. Special care and attention to detail has gone behind our preparation for the season, to make sure that we all have a jolly good time. Be assured of authentic food, spectacular views, good vibes and a home in the Himalayas.

We believe that it takes a lot of physical strength to sign up to be one of the elite few to hike around the region and have the mental capacity to make it all the way to the highest mountains in the world. Our lodges along the way are built to support your passion and obsession; proper rest and nutrition is underrated. The team has worked really hard to identify and nuture the wants of the human body in one of the coldest and most extreme weather conditions on our planet. We value the worth of a dream, and know the quintessential requirements to make the journey an unforgettable one. We look forward to having you around the fireplace with a hot cup of chocolate, sharing experiences and a fuzzy blanket alike.

-Team Everest Inn.

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