The first phase in your quest for Everest. The gateway to the Everest region; the starting point to the Sagarmatha national park is this one picturesque town in Northeastern Nepal – Lukla. It all begins with a flight from Kathmandu and through the mountains all the way up to the Lukla airstrip. The flight is an adventure in itself; flying above the clouds and parallel to the mighty Himalayas puts your journey ahead into perspective.


The town is always hustling during the day since there are cargo and passenger flights in and out of the airstrip everyday. It could be your first sighting of the ‘Super-human’ porters – Sherpas, the figurative backbone of the Everest region. The market just nearby the airport is scavenged by the hikers to tick the essentials off their checklist; as commodities and equipments from up here start to get a tad expensive. As darkness dawns upon the town, it gets quieter and colder.

You could still hear quaint guitar strums and voices singing along from inside the wooden lodges; A mix of hikers in conversation about their way high up into the region and the long-flight back home, over some local Nepali and age old Tibetian alcohol. It is seldom a clear night sky (or day, for that matter) here but when it is, diss that blanket and go outside to be under a thousand stars.


We at Everest Inn, Lukla (Shangri-la lodge & restaurant) hope you have a safe flight into and out of the region and an even safer hike up North. We could assist you with flight bookings and even helicopter rescue, if ever need be in the rogue mountains. We’re situated right above the airstrip, do pay us a visit if you’re around sometime. We always have live music, delicious food, cozy beds, warm beverages and warmer people.




-Team Everest Inn

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