Arrival to Lukla

After a short flight of 30 minutes above the clouds, we landed in Lukla which is the beginning of most of the trekking in Everest region. Our first impression concerned the weather, fresher than in Kathmandu and particularly the air, … Read More

Everest Inn – Lukla

The first phase in your quest for Everest. The gateway to the Everest region; the starting point to the Sagarmatha national park is this one picturesque town in Northeastern Nepal – Lukla. It all begins with a flight from Kathmandu … Read More

The Everest dream

Every great journey starts with a dream. You dream about the destination, the obstacles and the rustic pathways. A dream that only you can fulfill. Our planet is this one giant orb of possibilities. Make it happen for yourself. We … Read More

Welcome to Lukla

LUKLA (2860 meter): Everest Inn, Hotel Shangrila is the first lodge in the route that is managed under the Everest Inn. Situated exactly over the Lukla airport, this property has direct view of the airport runway that can be witnessed … Read More