After a short flight of 30 minutes above the clouds, we landed in Lukla which is the beginning of most of the trekking in Everest region. Our first impression concerned the weather, fresher than in Kathmandu and particularly the air, less charged with dust and pollution, in other word we landed in the middle of the nature at 2860 meters.

As we can imagine it the airport is small, and we directly noticed a lot a trekkers, guides and Sherpas, who had just landed or waiting for their flight to take off. Then we headed to “Shangri-La” which is the first lodge of Everest Inn Company. This lodge has a direct view of the airport runway which allowed us to find it easily. The lodge is on the way to the Samargatha (Mount Everest) Trekking, right next to the first Spinning prayer wheel (Big round bells that we can find along the road).  After being welcomed with a cup of tea and shown the facilities, we headed with Eliott in the village to discover it by ourselves and take few pictures as the weather was really clear. The village is crowded as it’s the “door” to come and go from this mountainous region, and most of the peoples start by other trekking than the EBC (Everest Base Camp) if they haven’t climbed the different summits of the region yet. But a majority of them try to complete their trekking experience by summiting the top of the world.

  • About the Shangri-La facilities, the lodge has more than 20 rooms, a large dinning room and a sunroom which allow travellers to enjoy the view of the valley when the weather allows it.
  • This lodge also propose to travellers to check their luggage in before that they flight back to Kathmandu. This ensure the travellers to be at ease, to rest and enjoy their last moments in the Himalaya region.
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